A guide to all the non-commercial activites in Anacortes brought to you by blogduwren.com. Printable PDF version can be found here

1. Crazy House: Ever have trouble deciding which architectural style to build your house? These folks sure did. The result is a one-of-a-kind house that shouldn't be missed. Turn left on 5th on your way to the Cap Sante viewpoint. I

2, 3. Cap Sante: Besides having the best view of Anacortes, the refineries, and Fidalgo bay, Cap Sante has lots more to offer. The Abandoned Amphitheater (2) is a great relic from Anacortes' past. The trailhead is located near the speed limit sign just before you get to the parking area at the top. V, H

4. Rotary Park: A nice short paved stroll along the marina to a gazeboed picnic area with a beach area and a few trails for the intrepid hiker to get to the top of Cap Sante. W, P

5. Cap Sante Marina: Walking the docks of the marina is a popular pastime for locals and visitors alike. With everything from whale watching boats to fishing boats, and pleasure cruisers to tiny sailboats, Cap Sante Marina is a great place for an evening stroll. W, I, P

6. South Harbor (a.k.a Seafarer's Memorial Park): A great beach for watching the sunrise, scoping out the boat traffic to the marina, launching kayaks, or just winding down the day while looking out at Fidalgo Bay. Located off 15th and Q. P, V

7. Causland Park: Built in the 1920's, Causland Park has a certain feel to it that is caused not only by its excellent location in the heart of old Anacortes, but also from the truly unique stone work of its surrounding walls. The amphitheatre hosts events from private weddings to public concerts through the summer months. So bring a blanket and a picnic and enjoy an afternoon at Causland Park. Located at 7th and N. I, P

8. N Ave Park: A small little beach tucked away between waterfront industries. A great place to let the dog go for a swim or get your own feet wet on a hot day. Located at the far north end of N Ave.

9. Guemes Ferry Dock Park: Whether you are waiting to get on the ferry or just want to catch a peak of one of the little ferries you'll see round these parts, stop in to the Kiwanis Waterfront Park and enjoy the manicured landscape or throw rocks on the beach. Located at 6th and I. V

10. Castle House: Worthy of at least a drive-by glance, these ambitious home-owners took a regular old house an castlified it, along with rumored 21st century improvements like hot tub and climbing wall. Located at 10th and G. I

11. Cannery View: A tiny little viewpoint that offers a great view of Anacortes economic past in the form of an old fish cannery. A perfect resting spot on a little walk around town. Located at 10th and C. I, V

12. Smiley's Bottom (a.k.a Volunteer Park): With baseball, soccer, and football fields as well as tons of open space for frisbee, throwing a ball for the dog, or just running around, Smiley's Bototm is the cornerstone of many youths' lives here in Anacortes. In addition to the playfields, there is a nice flat (although sometimes soggy) trail around the wetlands. Also, during August and September, it is a great place for picking blackberries. Parking is at 13th and F or behind the high school (17th and K) during non-school hours. H, O

13. Boat breakwater: What better way to use a dilapidated old barge than as a breakwater for a marina. Keep an eye out for it on your way out Oakes Ave. I

14. Cranberry Lake: One of the 3 major areas of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands, Cranberry Lake has miles of trails to explore around the lake, ponds, and marshes. One hidden secret is an old mining cave at the end of trail #122 off the northeast side of the lake. There are multiple entry points to this area. Entries points with parking can be found at Georgia Ave. and West 6th and at A and 38th. Online trail map available at http://www.pnt.org/maps/Cranberry%20Lake.pdf H, S, I

15. Storvik Park: This centrally located park has a little of everything: playground, basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, paved path for walking, and plenty of trees for picnicking under on a summer day. Located at 32nd and M. W, Y, P

16. Ben Root Memorial Skatepark: An all concrete skatepark with a variety of terrain for most skill levels. Also a neat spot for non-skaters to watch those with skillz ply their trade. Located at 22nd and R. I

17. Enchantress: Once the horizontal tree at Washington Park falls into the sea, this high-grounded boat has a chance at becoming the symbol for the town. A great view of it, with Mt. Baker in the back ground, can be had from Tommy Thompson Trail. I

18. Tommy Thompson Trail: An old railway line paved over to create an easy walking and biking path. The path goes along Fidalgo Bay and across the trestle to March Point. Great for an easy stroll or convenient bike access to the March Point public transit center. From the parking lot at 22nd and R, it is 2.7 miles to the end of the trestle. Another popular access point is at 34th and V. W

19. Gingerbread House: On your way out Whistle Lake Rd., keep an eye out for the Victorian-style house on the east side of the road. You don't seem them like that around here much anymore. I

20. Whistle Lake: Whistle Lake, found on the eastern edge of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands, is the former water source for Anacortes because it's so deep and pure. Now it's a great swimming lake with a remote nature, located more than a mile walk from the nearest parking lot. Whistle Lake is locally famous for its jumping cliffs located on a small island at the west end of the lake. The trail that circumnavigates the lake is a very nice walk and it's unlikely you'll see anyone else. Online trail map available at http://www.pnt.org/maps/Whistle%20Lake.pdf H, S

21. Heart Lake: Heart Lake is accessible via Heart Lake Road, which leaves Anacortes as "H" Avenue and continues south to Lake Erie and Campbell Lake. A great hike around the lake can be had with a little trail maneuvering near the road crossing at the base of Mount Erie. When traveling counter-clockwise around the lake, cross Heart Lake Road and take the trail just to the left of the Mt. Erie kiosk. Stay to the left at every trail junction and you'll return to Heart Lake Road 150 yards south of the parking lot. Heart Lake is deep enough for good swimming and spring/summer trout fishing. Online trail map available at http://www.pnt.org/maps/Heart%20Lake.pdf H, S

22. Sugarloaf: For the more hardcore hiker, Sugar Loaf is about the best Fidalgo has to offer. This relatively short (1 mile) but steep climb leads you to great views of South Fidalgo Island. Parking is found off Heart Lake Rd., just south of the Heart Lake. H, V

23. Mount Erie: A trip to Fidalgo Island wouldn't be complete without a drive up Mt. Erie. No hill for a stepper, the road up Mt. Erie winds over 1000 ft up. From the viewpoint at the top, you can see all of south Fidalgo Island as well as Whidbey Island, Skagit Bay, and beyond. The summit road is just off Heart Lake Rd. H, V

24. Sares Head: Besides being possibly the best place to watch a sunset on Fidalgo Island, the hike to Sares Head is worthwhile any time of day. Relatively short (< 2.5 miles roundtrip), the forest you pass through is almost as picturesque as the view that awaits you at the end. Parking is off Rosario Rd. at Sharp Park. H, V

25. Rosario: Part of Deception Pass State Park, Rosario has great tide pools at low tide, superb sunset viewing, picnicking, and a great hike up and over to Bowman's Bay. V, H, P

26. Bowman's Bay: Also part of Deception Pass State Park, Bowan's Bay has camping, picnicking, hiking, beach activities, and more. There is a large field great for a family game of soccer. A fishing pier extends far out into the bay which is also a popular spot for crabbing. Many cruisers use the available moorings in the bay as well. H, P, Y, O

27. Deception Pass: Not only is Deception Pass a spectacular bridge, but is also is a wonderful state park with hikes, beaches, swimming, camping, picnicking, and more. A whole day can easily be spent exploring this area. H, V

28. Tugboat Beach: Tucked in Burrows Bay, this semi-protected beach makes a great launching place for kayaks or for making beach wood sculptures. There are a few picnic tables and a short paved path for stretching your legs or taking the dog on a quick walk while waiting for the ferry. W, V, P

29, 30. Washington Park: WaPa is one of the gems of Anacortes City Parks. Whether your activity includes camping, hiking, picnicking, BBQing, playing on a playground, or simply chillin' on the beach, WaPa has it all. The loop road (2 miles long) is a paved path shared by cars and walkers (closed to cars before 10am) around the park with great views of Burrow's Island (29), the San Juans, and some great forest, with madrona trees aplenty. If you are feeling more intrepid, take some of the trails that lead to all the same views, but with a more "hiking" experience.
For more info visit http://www.cityofanacortes.org/Parks/WaPark/wa_park.htm W, H, C, Y, V, O

W Walk. Paved or otherwise easy.
H Hike. Trails often with moderate inclines.
P Picnic. Facilities for picnicking.
V View.
O Open Space. Suitable for running around, throwing a frisbee, playing soccer, etc.
C Camping.
S Swimming. Lakes suitable for swimming.
I Point of Interest. Often worth a quick glance.
Y Playground.